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About Us

Blue Moon Rising – Located in Deep Creek Lake Maryland

Our Green Team is dedicated to cultivating economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

In 2008, Blue Moon Risings’ visionary & founder Lisa M. Jan had the unique vision to integrate vacation rental properties and sustainable construction practices and techniques. Throughout the construction of our facility, we made decisions with the earth and its resources first, so we believe we have created a one-of-a-kind vacation experience while leaving as little impact on our natural landscape as possible.

A cornerstone of BMR is that nothing goes to waste. Each and every tree that was removed was carefully evaluated so that could be reused elsewhere on the project. Whether as trim, a support post, or simply as wood to fuel the highly efficient masonry stove, these trees have been given a new life in the fabric of BMR. The dirt removed during excavating foundations was carefully sifted and mixed with clay, water, and lime to become the natural plaster coatings on interior and exterior straw bale walls on our flagship building, “The Leap”.

With construction complete, we continue to apply earth 1st principals to the day to day operations of Blue Moon Rising.

The hallmark of Blue Moon Rising, the guiding principle in its every aspect, is to demonstrate that comfort and beauty need not be (and will not be) sacrificed for humans to live lightly on this, our only planet. If you would like to rent a tiny house, please view our cabins and book your stay today.

Meet the BMR Staff

Lisa M. Jan, Founder

Lisa Jan - Rent a Tiny House at BMR

Lisa is pursuing her dream of creating an oasis for the eco-tourist. After raising three marvelous daughters, Lisa relocated to the beauty and serenity of Deep Creek Lake, and began turning her vision into a reality.  

Elliott Perfetti, Operations Manager

Elliott Perfetti - Rent a Tiny House at BMRElliott, born and raised in the heart of Deep Creek spending summers on the lake and winters with wind burn and a goggle tan, is deeply in love with Garrett County. He earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from West Virginia University and then spent the next few years working in the fields of residential automation and commercial energy efficiency. During this time he met Lisa and she introduced him to her vision of Blue Moon Rising and instantly he knew that this was the place for him. His passions for sustainability, environmental awareness, business development, eco-friendly construction and the economic future of his friends and neighbors are what drives his efforts in turning the vision into reality.

Rob Vanderbilt

Rob Vanderbilt - Rent a Tiny House at BMRRob was born in West Virginia and raised in New Jersey. Experience, reliance, and knack for quality craftsmanship make up some of Rob’s core traits. From landscaping, to fixing things when they break, to plowing snow, we rely on his motivation and determination to get the tough jobs completed. You can catch Rob on the state park hiking trails with his wife, 4 kids and grandson.

Sean Mastej

Sean Mastej - Rent a Tiny House at BMRSean is a proud resident of Friendsville, MD where he is an avid whitewater kayaker. Sean’s passion for hard work, nature, and community awareness is what makes him a crucial member of our team.