National Relaxation Day – August 15

We can all use a day of rest and relaxation, right? Every society on earth sets aside at least one day a week to relax, rest, and regain mental and physical composure. Recognized annually on August 15, National Relaxation Day celebrates down time, deep breaths, and a do-nothing attitude. Here are our tips to kick back and chill:

Take a mental vacation.

Feeling overwhelmed? Take a moment to close your eyes and picture yourself in your ‘happy place’. It may sound corny, but it works, according to studies, when you disengage from stressors it rejuvenates your ability to tackle life and work.

Listen to classical music.

Music you love is bound to make you feel better, but classical music has been shown to slow heart rate, lower blood pressure and even decrease levels of stress hormones. Classical music can even help with a good night’s sleep.

Drink honey laced green tea.

As a natural remedy, green tea contains the amino acid l-theanine, which reduces stress. Local honey is shown to counteract free radicals and reduce inflammation, which is sometimes linked to depression.

Kiss the cook.

When you kiss someone, oxytocin is released, a chemical shown to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol. As it increases serotonin to the brain, a kiss has similar benefits to meditation.

Inflate balloons.

Sound crazy? If you react to stress with short, shallow breaths, your body is crying for more oxygen, not less.  The simple act of blowing up a balloon helps refocus breathing to normal intervals. No balloons around? Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

Comedic relief.

Nothing relieves stress like a laugh. When you watch a funny video or movie, it does more for your demeanor than you think. A smile increases the endorphins to the brain and puts you in a better mood.  A hearty laugh relieves physical tension and stress and leaves muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes.

Change with chocolate.

A simple and sweet solution, chocolate seems like an unlikely remedy for relaxation but it can make a huge impact.  As it releases endorphins to the brain, dark chocolate relieves anxiety, stress, and depression.

How will you relax on National Relaxation Day? Do what feels good to you! Remind yourself it is okay to take a deep breath, plan a little down time and whatever makes you feel better about yourself.  In fact, it can have long-term health benefits too!  Learn more about relaxing at Blue Moon Rising.

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