5 Benefits of Outdoor Yoga

Yoga is a workout that can be done just about anywhere. When we say anywhere, we mean outside and yes, it is way better than the confinement of four walls. Specifically, take your yoga routine to a place you feel connected with nature, maybe on a mountaintop, a beach, or even your backyard. Here’s how local DCL Buti Yoga instructor, Jade Irie O’Faolean describes it:

“…My yoga practice thrives here on the banks of the Youghiogheny River where I feel most rooted and can always find a serene place to quiet my mind and embrace the moment. There are many journeys in life, but none quite like the ones that bring you home!”

Here are 5 benefits to outdoor yoga:

  1. Get grounded, literally. There is no better way to be in the moment than standing upon the earth in a woodland setting sharing space with creatures of the natural world. Careful where you put your yoga mat, remember Eco-yoga is the responsibility of everyone. Be one with everything around you, even the bugs and insects. This simple exercise in meditation, patience, and perseverance, help foster greater compassion in our daily lives.
  1. Weather, no worries. Actually, rain or shine, it’s all good. Don’t let it a few clouds or raindrops keep you from getting out there. Suit up with a pair of water shoes or go barefoot; a little rain is a great source of hydration.  If the skies are sunny, absorb a little Vitamin D naturally, but choose a spot near shade in case it gets too hot. Exposure to the natural elements strengthens the immune system and elevates mood.
  1. Heighten your senses. Fresh air enhances your breath awareness and makes it easy to focus and be self-aware of breathing patterns. Nature’s stimuli keeps the mind present and free of social distractions. Engulf yourself in the smells, sounds, sights, and textures around you. Feel the sensation of this powerful disconnect as it lets you reconnect with life in a more rich and meaningful fashion.
  1. Did someone say Zen? No need for a zen playlist or props, use the sounds and objects around you to create your zen environment. If you’re lucky enough to be near a forest or stream, the sounds of a woodland setting in nature can alleviate stress, bring balance and meaning to your existence.  Listen carefully to the bird’s song and the wind’s whistle, as the rhythm of their songs calm and sooth the moment in time.
  1. Lesson in balance. If you practice yoga in the comfort of studio you’re missing out on an important lesson in balance. Step outside the smooth surface of a yoga mat and into the grass where things are a bit bumpy and unpredictable, like life.  On the earth’s uneven surface,  you improve physical balance and strengthen your inner core, but beyond that, you begin to balance the emotional need for control and perfection in your life.

Need a place to practice yoga outside? Blue Moon Rising Resort at Deep Creek Lake is an ideal setting for a group yoga session or a weekend yoga retreat. Greet the sun and elements each day in a one-of-a-kind backdrop painted with natures finest colors, regardless of the season. Book now; Namaste.

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