Random Acts of Poetry

Are you a poet at heart? Every year on the first Wednesday of October, join thousands of other bleeding-heart poets as they take to the streets, coffee shops, hiking trails, and parks to share the poetic spirit of Random Acts of Poetry Day. It is simple: write a poem, hand-deliver it to a person or display it in a random place. This act aims to inspire, intrigue, and connect to the people and places around you. Random Acts of Poetry is a movement that uses poetry to help, heal, and awaken others. Here are a few random ways to celebrate:

Chalk it up.  Unpack the sidewalk chalk and start writing in the driveway or on the sidewalk for all to enjoy. In this case, include the kids; poetry fosters a love for language and helps build literacy. If you’re not a poet, joyfully quote another’s; click here for kid poetry inspiration.

Tape it to the mirror. Reflect what’s important in words. Make someone’s day and tape a heart-felt poem to every mirror in the house. In this case, the small poetic gesture can speak volumes in expressions of love, commitment, and loyalty.   Don’t stop there, tape additional poems to the car mirror or take it to the office too.  The mirror plays an important role, in that it captures the recipients smile and reminds them, life is good.  If words fail you, click here to turn to the pros.

Share it out loud. Read your poem out loud for the world to hear, think of it as your personal version of a Poetry Slam.  Don’t be shy, ask for time at the morning meeting to rally for Random Acts of Poetry Day and recite your favorite poem.  Visit your favorite diner or pub and ask to share a poem or two with the crowd.  People are receptive to poetry, even if they don’t understand it, they appreciate the uncompromising beauty and complexity.  If you need a few office friendly poems click here.

Intrigue the unsuspecting. Randomly place hand-written poems on tables, bulletin boards, parks, or even a shopping cart for random people to find them.  To represent your individuality, scribe poems on Post-it Notes, smooth river rocks, oak leaves, or even a banana peel, yes, a banana peel. If you’ve got the words but need an awesome delivery, click here.

Need inspired? Find your muse at Blue Moon Rising. Inspired by nature, our Eco-friendly resort offers natural stimulus with an opportunity to escape the channels of chaos, we humans call life. Either way, poet or not, a random act of poetry can certainly change the course of someone’s day, even yours.  Best said by poet and President John F. Kennedy:

“When power leads man toward arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man’s concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.”


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