Building a Weather Station

Blue Moon Rising is taking our sustainability technology to the next level. As soon as the winter weather breaks, our team is going to be installing a HOBO Weather Station at the complex. This weather station is extremely powerful, and will help us log and share data that is being tracked. Collecting the weather data will play an important role in our sustainability and educational goals.

On our “weather rig” we will have multiple modules attached to the metal frame. We plan to track the following information:

– Temperature
– Relative Humidity
– Rainfall
– Barometric Pressure
– Soil Moisture
– Wind Speed
– Wind Direction
– Solar Radiation

The picture below shows the rig on top of our green roof on The Leap Building. You will notice on the rig there is a housing unit that contains the “brains” to the entire weather station. This is how the device will be powered using the solar panel. Each module is connected to this device and the data is transmitted to the internet.

Click here to view the data we have been collecting.


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