Celebrate Family Day

When was the last time you and your family did something out of the ordinary? If you have to think about it, then it’s definitely time!  We want to help you plan family time that is epic from everyone’s perspective. Unsurprisingly, Family Day, slated for September 25, 2017, is held around the word with the intention the same, to celebrate family. Consider every day as family day and here’s a few ideas we wanted to share:

Plan an activity outside.  Nothings helps everyone decompress like a walk in the woods. Plan a nature scavenger hunt for the whole family, including adults.  Your list can include pine cones, maple leaves, and acorns, just to name a few items easily found in nature.  When hiking, it’s a good idea to leave no trace, leave nature’s accessories behind but instead take a photo of your scavenger hunt finds.  As an added activity, create a family slideshow and showcase the photos from the scavenger hunt. Find more scavenger hunt ideas here.

What rainy day? Don’t let the weather stop you, fun can happen in all sorts of weather, so suit up.  There is something so tempting about a water puddle; here’s your chance to get in there.  With a rain jacket, water shoes and an umbrella, the whole family can be armed to start slashing.  Before you know it, the entire family will be singing in the rain and loving it!  Click here for more in-the-rain activities.

Don’t forget dinner.  If schedules keep you from getting outside, there’s always the dinner table. Sit down as a family to a favorite meal.  Parents, this mealtime is an excellent time to ‘listen’ and be inquisitive about what a typical day is like for your kid.  Same for the kids, it’s a great time for them to learn what makes you tick.  If you are at a loss for words, click here for a few dinner conversations idea starters.

Just like the name suggests, Family Day is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with the people who mean the most to you.   Every family deserves a chance to rejuvenate, relax, and reconnect.  Either way, at home or at a woodland resort, like Blue Moon Rising, take time for a Family Day.  Learn more, call 240-442-5287.



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