Cut Energy Costs Day

As a national movement, January 10 is #CutYourEnergyCostsDay, a way to bring awareness to the benefits of energy conservation, not only for you, but for the environment too. Reduction of your energy use can lower your utility needs and costs, and therefore, effectively reduce your carbon footprint. Your energy actions impact your home, community, and the planet.

Be efficient. Does your home or business use less energy than the national average? Start with appliances and electronics with the ENERGY STAR label, an indicator the product is certified to use less energy and cause fewer emissions. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA), the ENERGY STAR label is recognized as a worldwide symbol for energy efficiency and saves families and businesses billions on utility bills and reduces carbon pollution.  If you want make a difference immediately, try a programmable thermostat and adjust to energy-saving temperatures when you are away or asleep.  This small investment of about $50 can lower heating bills by up to10 percent.

Chose clean. Clean energy is generated using renewable resources like solar or wind.  As the price of renewable energy continues to fall, more consumers are making the switch to cleaner options.  Does your utility company give you a choice where your power comes from?  If you want to see electricity profiles for your area, use the EPA’s Power Profiler for a comparison of electricity generation in your region.

Act responsibly.  Energy reduction starts at home with every member of the household.  Simple tasks like turning off lights when you leave the room, keeping blinds and curtains closed at night, or unplug devices not in use can turn out to be real game changers in utility costs.  It may not seem like these small tasks make an impact, but if every household practiced just one energy saving idea, the environmental impact would be significant.

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