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As world citizens, we are all responsible for the well-being of our planet and it can start with one simple step: responsible shopping. As consumers, every purchase we make impacts our footprint.  Be thoughtful of your footprint as you choose eco-friendly gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

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A gift should be something beautiful and received with adoration. If you need more ideas for Eco-friendly products and gifts, here’s a few of our recommendations:

Inspire a legacy. A recycled journal is not only a thoughtful gift, but a useful one.  Even if the recipient isn’t a writer, it’s a great product to encourage a place to store memorabilia from travel and major events, or a book of records.  Personalize the first page with a message to your recipient. Just like life, the pages of a book are meant to be turned; why not make them interesting.  Who knows, you may inspire a new generation of writers! Check out these “tree free” products here:

Gifts that grow.  You don’t need a green thumb to grow herbs, spices, and even house plants in the window. With the help of our favorite Eco-friendly pots made from renewable grain fibers, simply add soil and plant cuttings and you have a gift that will keep on giving long after the holiday is a just memory. For the complete line of Eco-friendly planters, click here:

Give with heart.  Here’s an Eco-friendly product you already have, the human spirit. If you want to skip the hoopla of shiny paper and holiday ribbon, consider a gift that requires no shipping, wrapping, or expensive batteries; a donation to a non-profit organization.  Give in the name of love on behalf of your family, best friend, or even  a co-worker. If you need a few ideas, click here for a list of local non-profits in the Deep Creek area.  After all, this is the season of giving.

Happy holidays! We hope to see you soon.

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