Eco-Friendly Holidays

We’re Dreaming of a Green Holiday!

Dreaming of a “white Christmas”? Well, we’re dreaming of a “green holiday”. As the holiday season is upon us, give the planet a gift and think sustainably. Allow the spirit of the holiday to envelop the warmth and joy synonymous with the season, like the smell of baking or the sounds of sleigh bells.  Keeping things simple will reduce your holiday spending and possibly start a new green holiday tradition at your house.

We’ve put together a few tips for eco-friendly holidays to keep the season filled with more joy than stress:

  1. A simple start. Don’t clutter your home with trendy decorations that scream commercialism.  Choose a more subtle approach with a clean and natural look.  Use decorations that are simple so you don’t spend endless hours setting them up and taking down.  Modify your home by embellishing what you already have in place.  Stick to the motto: less is more!
  2. Use nature’s offerings. Bring the outside in using decorations made of wood, burlap, and organic cotton. Gather boughs of pine to add fragrance and color to a centerpiece or fireplace mantel display.  Add an earthy tone with burlap and cotton bows to accent wreaths and packages. Add elements of the natural world, like a bird nest or small twigs, to add interest and intrigue.
  3. Be tree savvy. Artificial trees used year after year seem like a good sustainable option, but according to a debate settled by the National Christmas Tree Association, they’re not as eco-friendly as you’d think. If you love the idea of a real tree, choose a local small tree farm to support the local economy.  When the holiday is over, mulch the tree or donate to local organizations that will dispose of trees in an eco-friendly way.  A potted tree is another great choice; they will live on long after the holiday.
  4. Create keepsakes. Get the family involved with your holiday decorating! Cut and hang snowflakes from scrap paper collected during the year.   Or maybe, reproduce family photographs on recycled paper, then using scraps of cardboard, twine, and a little imagination turn your tree into a “family tree.” Handmade items bring a simplistic energy to your home.  Whether it was crafted by you or a local artisan, the spirit of the season is evident.
  5. Light up. If you have lights older than 10 years, you should replace them for a strand of LED bulbs,  they can also save up to 90% or more on power costs. To avoid higher energy costs during the holiday, put all light displays, indoors and out, on automatic timers to shut-off after everyone goes to bed.

Do you have an eco-friendly holiday decorating idea you’d like to share?  Post your photos and ideas below in the comments or add them on our Facebook page.

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