Spring at Deep Creek Lake

In the mountains, spring escorts the nuance of life, growth, and renewal. In this awaking, the bounty of hope greets us upon the arrival of spring flowers, rain, and fresh maple syrup. As humans, we are called back to nature to walk, frolic, and play outside. At Blue Moon Rising, spring brings good reason to get to Deep Creek Lake; here’s why:

Experience MoonShine first hand. We aren’t talking whiskey, but we are talking whimsy. Stay in a rustic cabin made from reclaimed Appalachian barn wood weathered by time and history. Complete with a front porch, sit in a rocker and savor the sounds and smells of spring at the lake. Take a tour of our Moonshine experience here.

Visit a waterfall. As the spring thaw melts the snowpack, the local streams and rivers are at full capacity creating spectacular displays of gushing water at Swallow Falls State Park. Known as Maryland’s highest waterfall, Muddy Creek Falls is a 53-foot white water grand gesture of nature that rushes to meet the Youghigheny River. Learn more about the park here.

Embrace the local heritage. The scenery around Deep Creek is always breathtaking, but spring sets the landscape in motion. Our farms in particular, become vibrant in color not only in the fields but on the barns. The @GarrettBarnQuilts Tour is a chance to see artist’s renditions of local quilt patterns. For a map and additional information, start here.

Taste something new. Like spring, let your taste buds renew themselves with fresh ingredients from local farms. MoonShadow embraces the elements of a sophisticated palate together with the simplicity of fresh offerings in a modern eatery. It doesn’t stop with food, you can also find the best of local entertainment nightly here.

Plan a wedding. Spring means wedding planning season is in full swing. If you are looking for a venue for your upcoming vows, take a tour of Blue Moon Rising Resort. Ideal for a woodland wedding, we’ve thought of everything to make your day perfect. Arrange a private tour of the property, cabins, and community building. You’ll fall in love all over again, see what we mean here.

Spring is a reminder of how beautiful change can be. Experience beautiful changes this spring at Deep Creek Lake. On behalf of Blue MoonResort, MoonShadow, and Harvest Moon Market, we wish you a beautiful spring season. See you at the lake!

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