Three Great Reasons to Buy Fair Trade Coffee

Did you know coffee is the one of the most traded commodities in the world? With that said, the coffee industry can be unpredictable and erratic due to dramatic price fluctuations.

That’s why you should buy FAIRTRADE coffee. This system provides quality coffee for a fair price consistently. For many consumers, fair trade coffee represents a marriage between good coffee and fair business practices. Here’s the scoop on fair trade coffee and how it benefits everyone involved:

Supports small-scale farmers!

The profits from the fair trade system are used to empower farmers and invest in their communities for long-term growth. In return, farmers gain independence with fair trade practices that provide tools and training for farmers to operate successful and sustainable businesses. With a sip of fair-trade coffee, you can help a struggling farmer feed his family.

Enables fair trade practices.

Workers on fair trade farms enjoy freedom of association, safe work conditions, and sustainable wages. In addition, these practices prohibit forced child labor and cast a vote for ethical treatment of farmers in remote regions of the world. Many companies make fair-trade part of their mission to develop beneficial partnerships with the farmers who cultivate the crop.

Delivers coffee free of genetically engineered ingredients.

Fair trade coffee is produced with limited pesticides and fertilizer and must abide by proper management of waste, water, and energy. In favor of environmental sustainability, fair trade farmers strictly prohibit the use of GMOs or harmful agrochemicals. Instead, farmers use methods that protect their health and preserve valuable ecosystems for future generations.

Fair-trade coffee supports a better life for farming families in developing countries as it lifts them from poverty through trade, not aid. In good conscious, consumers can mindfully drink a safe and delicious cup of coffee. Check out the high quality fair trade coffee next time you are at the lake!


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