Luna Bleu Deep Creek Lake Cabin

Luna Bleu

1 Queen Size Loft , 2 Twin Bunk Beds
Kitchen Nook w. Dining Bar– Mini Fridge, NuWave Cooktop
Full Bathroom w. Shower

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A modern looking exterior is contrasted by an exposed stud and reclaimed barn wood interior in Luna Bleu. The original paint found on the wood has been painstakingly restored and sealed to maintain the appearance of the wood’s past life. Several clever re-purposing ideas are found in Luna Blue where old doors become cabinetry and a library ladder has been engineered to serve as steps for the queen size “bunk bed” area. Two stacked twin beds provide additional sleeping each with its own window, reading light and storage shelve built in. Tiles left over from the main building have found a home in the bathroom as a way to minimize waste throughout the entire project.

The modern exterior is accentuated by the choice in decking material. Though the Timber Tech is not a re-purposed material, as in most of our porches, it is a new product made from recycled materials. When constructing BMR we have tried to blend old techniques and materials with the new and best environmental friendly products providing our guest with a more complete picture of the options available in the area environmentally sustainable construction.