Jump into the Deep Creek Dunk 2019

Deep Creek Dunk 2019

Are you looking for a winter adventure that chills you to your core but leaves you feeling warm inside? Deep Creek Dunk 2019 may be just what you’re looking for this season! This annual event draws participants and spectators to the shores of Deep Creek Lake for a polar plunge into the icy waters of […]

Winter Fun at Deep Creek Lake

If you like fresh crisp air, wintertime in the mountains is a great time to reconnect with nature, family, and friends. If you need ideas to keep the crew entertained, we’ve got you covered. The Deep Creek Lake area has an abundance of outdoor and indoor activities to celebrate winter. Bring your gloves, hat, and […]

Valentine’s Day Getaway at Blue Moon Rising

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift? Skip the flowers and candy this year and make it about something much deeper: an experience. As creatures of habit, we adapt to material things and often lose joy in things that become common. But guess what? People tend to appreciate an experience over a tangible gift; why? Gifts […]

Eco-Friendly Gifts We Love

As world citizens, we are all responsible for the well-being of our planet and it can start with one simple step: responsible shopping. As consumers, every purchase we make impacts our footprint.  Be thoughtful of your footprint as you choose eco-friendly gifts for the upcoming holiday season. Speaking of gifts, choose Blue Moon Rising this […]

Cross Country Skiing in Maryland


Have you heard? Snow is imminent in the mountains of Maryland.  If you want to enjoy mother nature and her luscious blanket of white, experience it in the heart of a forest or in an open meadow. Hit the trails and see winter in real time, first hand, and up-close and personal around Deep Creek […]

Eco-Friendly Holidays

eco-friendly holidays

We’re Dreaming of a Green Holiday! Dreaming of a “white Christmas”? Well, we’re dreaming of a “green holiday”. As the holiday season is upon us, give the planet a gift and think sustainably. Allow the spirit of the holiday to envelop the warmth and joy synonymous with the season, like the smell of baking or the […]

Deep Creek Lake Ice Fishing

Deep Creek Lake Ice Fishing

When winter comes to western Maryland, Deep Creek Lake typically freezes over late in December when temperatures plummet to below freezing.  The lake takes on a new personality in winter, one that is sure to send a chill up your spine. Bring your ‘adventurous angler’ spirit and do a little walking on water…frozen water that […]

Winter Activities in Deep Creek Lake

winter activities in deep creek lake

Winter at Deep Creek Lake is synonymous with fun! With an average snowfall of 120 inches, Garrett County Maryland surpasses even Anchorage, AK and Denver, CO for annual snowfall totals. Bring your boots and jump into winter feet first. Here are five things to do at Deep Creek Lake when the winter winds call. Skiing. […]