Event for Local Artists in Baltimore

Print by Alyssa Dennis

Last summer our team went to the DC Green Festival and met an incredible artist, Alyssa Dennis. Alyssa is a sustainable artist out of Baltimore and has experience building straw bale structures. We are really excited that Alyssa will be on site for a few weeks this summer creating a mural on our back wall facing our outdoor patio!

Next Thursday, March 7th, Alyssa will be one of the featured artists at an event in Baltimore for local artists. RAW is an event to connect and engage with a diverse group of Baltimore artists from photographers, dancers, musicians, designers as well as 2D artists. This is a great event for all of our friends in and around Baltimore – please support Alyssa and purchase a ticket!

To see more of Alyssa’s work and purchase a ticket for the event, please visit:


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