Our Programs


Blue Moon Rising offers many programs at our site on Deep Creek Lake to visitors and the community.

Disclaimer: Programming is in development! We plan to launch our summer schedule for our re-opening in July!

Our 15 acre site near Deep Creek Lake lends itself perfectly to a wide array of sustainable programming for the vacationer or local resident. With hiking trails, outdoor classrooms, and lakefront access, our site is the perfect destination for your outdoor adventures in Garrett County. Our staff at Blue Moon Rising is dedicated to providing meaningful and engaging workshops for our Garrett County community and visitors that fosters an understanding for preserving the natural environment.

The spring and fall will be available to small groups interested in retreats or conferences. Please contact us if you are interested in hosting family reunions, wellness retreats, etc. For larger groups (40+) interested in our programming, but may not able to stay with us, please write to us and we will recommend a larger facility to host you.

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BMR offers school programs satisfying MD state standards and guest programs to satisfy their curiosity. At Blue Moon Rising we want our guest to be receptive to the unique features in Garrett County ecosystems. Each time you walk into the woods something novel demands your attention. To truly appreciate these ecosystems the guest must be given a deeper knowledge of their intricacies and why preservation is paramount. Learn More…


BMR offers sustainable art and design programs that showcase local artists.

While funding for the arts may be disappearing from school budgets, here at Blue Moon Rising they are alive and well. In addition to supporting local artists, we wanted Making and Creating to be integral to your stay with us. Throughout your stay there will be opportunities to immerse yourself in nature through craft, and use art as a reflection of your visit. Learn More…


Health and wellness will be central to your stay at BMR. These programs start your day and serve as a jumping off point to all other adventures you choose to participate in while at our facility. The serene nature of our site lends itself to personal reflection and relaxation. Learn More…


At BMR sustainability is approached from three fronts. Everything we do is environmentally, socially or economically sustainable; because of this the activities under this section can cover a wide variety of topics. The main goal of these activities is to send the visitor home with a practice or skill that they not only can continue to use but that they will want to share with their friends and neighbors. Learn More…