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Blue Moon Rising will be open to the public for tours starting July 5th, 2013 and lasting until September. Book your reservation now to stay with us in September! We will also begin taking reservations for the fall and winter of 2013 at that time. Photo Credit: Karlo Gesner

The spirit of the Blue Moon Rising Village is that of a community. We invite you to come experience the beauty of Deep Creek Lake while staying in one of our cabins. Appropriately named Waldens, after the American masterpiece by Henry David Thoreau, our vacation rentals complement the natural landscape of our site, and encourage a sense of community throughout.

Each Walden has a unique design and personality, and we hope that our residents enjoy each one for its distinct characteristics. The Waldens were built locally in Cranesville, MD by our friends at Hobbitat. They are primarily built out of locally sourced reclaimed lumber. Bill Thomas and his team carefully crafted the spaces to fully capture what Garrett County Living is all about. While each centimeter of space is as valuable as the next, the design creatively fits the comforts of home into a cabin in the woods. Built in the vein of the tiny home movement, our Waldens provide the best possible use of space for your vacation; a space to rest before your outdoor adventures, and then to relax and reflect afterwards.

The building materials have been carefully selected to fit our mission of an environmentally sustainable community. Every material and construction decision is weighed against its impact on the earth. With this in mind we work within the three R’s, Reclaimed, Recycled, or Recyclable.

In line with our low impact mission, parking will only be available at the entrance to the Village. There will be no car exhaust, intruding headlights, or slamming car doors to disturb the peace of the Waldens. Solar-powered transportation will be provided for luggage and guests from the parking area up to the community.

Programming will be an integral part of your complete experience with us at Blue Moon Rising. We strive to integrate environmental awareness into your complete vacation experience at Deep Creek Lake. All visitors will have the opportunity to participate in daily activities to further one

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