Sustainable Practices

Sustainability and Eco-friendly lifestyle brought to Deep Creek Lake, MD

By just staying at BMR you will be exposed to many tips, tricks, and DIY techniques to living a more sustainable lifestyle.

At BMR sustainability is approached from three fronts. Everything we do is environmentally, socially or economically sustainable; because of this the activities under this section can cover a wide variety of topics. The main goal of these activities is to send the visitor home with a practice or skill that they not only can continue to use but that they will want to share with their friends and neighbors.

Sustainability Programs

Preservation Not Disposal

In the United States a large part of the food produced is not consumed but finds its way into our garbage bins. With a short lesson in the semi-lost art of canning, fresh vegetables and fruits can be stored to find their way into dishes prepared months down the road. The problem with fresh produce is that it does not remain fresh long. Freezing is always an option, but this requires electricity throughout the entirety of the storage process. Spend the afternoon on site cleaning and preserving locally sourced fresh fruits and vegetables. We provide not only the kitchen and equipment needed, but the knowledge from years of experience. The equipment will stay on site, but the knowledge (and delicious preserves) is now yours to take back, use, and share with friends long after your stay.

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