Vacation with Your Dog

Vacation with Your Dog

As you plan for your next vacation, consider including the dog too. Not only will you have a great time, but your pet will bring an added layer of joy and adventure to your trip. Pet parents should plan ahead to accommodate four-legged guests. When you vacation with your dog, most pet-friendly places pamper pets […]

We’re Pet Friendly If Your Pet’s Friendly

We understand what you mean when you say that your dog is a member of your family. Save the hassle of finding a pet sitter or boarding fees while you visit us, bring your pet along. Vacation just wouldn’t be the same without your furry friend! At Blue Moon Rising we have a motto – […]

Tiny House Friends

Over the past year, since we have been making serious progress, we have made friends with some wonderful people in the Tiny House Community. For those not familiar with the Tiny House phenomenon, do a quick Google search and you will see a plethora of designers, builders and enthusiasts that have dove off the simple […]

Book Your Stay Now

Blue Moon Rising will be open to the public for tours starting July 5th, 2013 and lasting until September. Book your reservation now to stay with us in September! We will also begin taking reservations for the fall and winter of 2013 at that time. Photo Credit: Karlo Gesner The spirit of the Blue Moon […]