Wilderness Survival Programs

Wilderness Survival Programs

Survival techniques in the guise of entertainment.

What would you do if stranded in the woods?

Topics will hearken back to the roots of mankind; however, cultures the world over, still use them on a daily basis. Each activity is geared toward entertainment with just a hint of practicality.

Wilderness Survival Programs:

Bow-Drill Fire

Living in 1st world societies we take so many conveniences for granted. The match or lighter is still a novelty in remote cultures where bow-drills are regularly used. Each guest will be provided with the materials and knowledge necessary to organically create fire. Making fire is more an art than a skill; refine your art in the evenings to create a fire for roasting marshmallows or enjoying the sunset. An adult must accompany participants under 16.

Cordage Creation

Not all rope and yarn begins as nylon or wool. Cultures throughout the world make use of native plants and grasses for the production of rope. Guest will be provided several species of native plants and be taught reverse wrapping to create their own ropes or yarns. The cordage made can then be used in the bow-drill fire activity. All ages are welcomed to participate, though younger children will need an older assistant.