winter activities in deep creek lake

Winter Activities in Deep Creek Lake

Winter at Deep Creek Lake is synonymous with fun! With an average snowfall of 120 inches, Garrett County Maryland surpasses even Anchorage, AK and Denver, CO for annual snowfall totals. Bring your boots and jump into winter feet first. Here are five things to do at Deep Creek Lake when the winter winds call.


ski in deep creek lake

Whether it’s downhill or cross country, skiing has been a long standing tradition with the help of the Wisp Ski Resort. Skiers can choose from of over 32 slopes overlooking Deep Creek Lake. The Wisp Mountain Park also offers snow tubing and ice skating on the premises. Get the latest mountain conditions online anytime at For additional skiing opportunities in the area, click here for list.


winter activity snowshoeing

The local area boasts seven state parks with over 70,000 acres of public land suitable for setting out on snowshoes or cross country skis. Be mindful of designated hunting areas and always stay on the trail. To view local trails and download trail maps, visit Garrett Trails for a complete list of public trails.

Ice Fishing.

winter ice fishing deep creek lake

Deep Creek Lake covers 3,900 acres, 69 miles of shoreline and has a depth of 25 ft. and becomes a frozen tundra in the winter months. Scores of anglers brave the elements to cut a hole in the ice and spend the afternoon perched upon the frozen lake. Ice fishing requires a license or permit that can be obtained at many local merchants, click here for list. Visit the MD Department of Natural Resources for safety and ice danger information.

Horse-drawn Sleigh Ride.

horse drawn sleigh ride in deep creek lake

Nothing says winter like a horse-drawn sleigh ride through an open field with the wind in your face as the sound of sleigh bells echo through the valley. Make it a date night or a family get together, either way it will be a winter memory you’ll always hold dear forever. To reserve your spot on the sleigh, contact Pleasant Valley Dream Rides and plan your storybook adventure.


snowmobiling deep creek lake

Bring your own or rent one, and enjoy miles and miles of trails covered deep in snow. Don’t forget Maryland requires a current ORV sticker to ride the lake or any state trails. To obtain a sticker, trail descriptions and maps, contact the MD Department of Natural Resources and get your sled ready!

To experience winter activities in Deep Creek Lake, MD we encourage you to book your stay at Blue Moon Rising and startĀ planning your winter adventure. Stay warm and have fun!

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