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Choose Your Experience

Sugar Magnolia

As you walk up the lane here at Blue Moon Rising and pass the Phoenix building, Sugar Magnolia comes into view. Themes of river life are woven into the decorative features of both the exterior and interior. A natural stained board and baton were used as exterior trim and cedar decking boards were used for the entrance porch. Inside, as in some of the other cabins, heart pine has been used for both the floor and trim work accenting the straw plaster finish on the walls.


From the cul-de-sac on the top of the hill a private cart path leads to MoonShadow. Cedar shakes contrast boldly with the black board and baton siding that surround the bay window. An antique half- door stands out, under the tin roof of the porch, overlooking an oak-hickory forest. Designed for two MoonShadow has a queen size bed off the gathering area, and an expanded bathroom to accommodate for a claw foot bathtub.


Although we did not straighten old nails for the construction of Walden the interior harkens back to a time when forest composition was different. Back to a time when, in the middle Atlantic, woods were filled with American chestnut. It has been utilized throughout from the queen sized sleeping area and island on the main floor to the railings surrounding the twin beds in the loft area. A sliding door to back porch and loft windows let in natural light showing off the old barn wood.

Funkomatik 513

Each of our cabins have been given a unique name. The naming process has been a collaborative effort among those involved in Blue Moon. Funkomatik 513 was so named by its creator, our good friend Bill Thomas owner and designer at Hobbitat. While sourcing reclaimed products he came upon a purple door labeled 513 and decided to get funky. Purple trim and cabinetry flow throughout the interior adding a color splash accenting the wooded bead board and straw plaster. The main floor bedroom is enclosed in a “bump out” allowing the main living space a more open feel. The second floor “bunk bed” has a private window providing a lofty view of the woods, lovingly termed fern gully, due to its lush greenery.

Bella Donna

The most prominent feature in Bella Donna is the antique, half-oval window illuminating the main gathering area. Light passes through the spider web pattern and cascades onto the center island. The kitchen area, adorned with custom heart pine shelves, has been placed in a bump out allowing ease of movement around the dining island.


Nestled amongst the trees, enveloped by ferns you find Skya. Bold red trim stands out against the cedar shake and raw oak logs of the cabins exterior. The large front porch looks down over the hill where hiking trails reside, just above Gravelly Run a tributary to the lake. Sod that was remnants from the roof of our Phoenix building have created a quaint proportional front lawn area.

Blue Sky

Blue Sky, named after its builder Billy “Blue Sky” Thomas, is our ADA compliant home. It offers beauty and spaciousness throughout, making it easy to navigate for those utilizing a wheelchair. One of the first things you’ll notice upon entering, is the one of a kind sink light fashioned from parts of an antique gramophone. The queen bed on the main floor provides ample room on either side for easy in and out access, and the bathroom is equipped with an ADA approved tub and shower, topped off with a unique hubcap overhead light.


Overlooking the community from the front porch, the afternoon sun warms Kaya’s reclaimed unique combination of reclaimed metal and wood exterior. Nestled under a curved corrugated metal ceiling the interior layout is perfect for a couple looking to get away and relax. Kaya’s kitchen offers a perfect spot to look out into nature while preparing your food. Bill and Bruce from Hobbitat have created some lighting fixtures out of reclaimed materials that are cool and functional. Out back under the pines a fire pit and picnic area get you away from the day to day.

Luna Bleu

A modern looking exterior is contrasted by an exposed stud and reclaimed barn wood interior in Luna Bleu. The original paint found on the wood has been painstakingly restored and sealed to maintain the appearance of the wood’s past life. Several clever re-purposing ideas are found in Luna Blue where old doors become cabinetry and a ships ladder has been engineered to serve as steps for the queen size “bunk bed” area. Two stacked twin beds provide additional sleeping each with its own window, reading light and storage shelve built in. Tiles left over from the main building have found a home in the bathroom as a way to minimize waste throughout the entire project.


MoonShine was the first of our cabins to find its place on the hill at Blue Moon Rising. Reclaimed barn wood adorns the walls and floors hinting of its past life in some rustic barn in the Appalachians; saved from the decay of time and now relocated to an ultra-efficient modern living space. MoonShine makes the most of living and gathering space with the addition of a Murphy bed on the first level, tucked inconspicuously in the main room. A built in bench adds seating when the bed is not in use. A “bunkbed” area provides additional sleeping overlooking the main living space. Following the theme of the entire site MoonShine has also been furnished with eco-friendly products, from the low flow toilets to high efficiency heaters, lighting and insulation.


Tucked in the back of the resort under towering shady pines, Evergreen boasts cedar siding, a wrap around porch, Queen bed in the loft, and provides the closest access to our hiking trails covering 125 acres. As with all of our cabins, care was taken to use re-purposed, eco-friendly materials including an old schoolhouse bathroom door and walnut countertop.


As with all of our cabins Cairn makes the most of its 13’ by 19’ foot print. The entry level features two twin beds doubling as a corner couch for comfortable space to relax throughout the day. The kitchen features a merlot paperstone countertop against heart pine cabinetry. On the second level you find a queen sized sleeping area accessed by ladder. The Gothic revival style porch features step pitches, a high peak, and closed gables sheltering inhabitants from inclement conditions.

Morning Glory

Morning Glory catches the first rays of sun from its wrap around porch bordering our conifer forest. The cedar shake exterior contrast sharply with the dark walnut flooring of the main room. A bump out for the kitchen and a queen size sleeping nook exaggerate the clever use of space, this combined with a vaulted ceiling add to the open feel of the layout. A second queen sleeping area is located above the bathroom. The back area features a communal fire pit with ample seating and opportunity to get to know your neighbors.


Star motifs and stunning use of galvanized siding beg to be recognized among the modest motif of greens and browns provided by the forest. This is one of only three cabins at BMR catered to couples. The curvature of the siding finds its way into the main room via endless ornate decorative elements that flow into the queen sized sleeping nook.

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