10 Ways to Celebrate National Great Outdoors Month

Nature is calling and you must go! June is designated as national Great Outdoors Month® which encourages us to connect with the essence of the natural world. Escape the indoors and experience first-hand the educational, economic, and health benefits of being outside.

Why is it important to get outside? Just a generation ago, kids spent most of their waking hours outside playing. In today’s culture, children spend less than 40 minutes per week outside in unstructured play, according to the National Recreation and Park Association. Comparatively, adults who were introduced to the outdoors as children were more likely to participate in outdoor activities during adulthood than those who were not exposed to the outdoors as children. 

This June, spend time outside and capture the joy, adventure, and wonder only nature can provide. Here are ten ways to celebrate Great Outdoors Month®:  

Go Fishing

Every June, most states offer free fishing days to give residents an opportunity to enjoy the waterways without a fishing license. Maryland offers free fishing on June 1 and June 8; Virginia offers free fishing days the first full weekend in June; and in nearby West Virginia, free fishing is set for the second Saturday and Sunday in June. Grab a pole and head to the fishing hole!

Camp in a Tent

Embrace nature at the core and spend a few days and nights surrounded by the sights and sounds of mother nature. From inside your tent, turn off the music and listen to a cricket symphony, a babbling brook, or owls communicate, all supplied by your natural hosts.

Boat or Float

By June, temperatures warm up and the water becomes an oasis of activity. Watch for beavers, otters, and other creatures who share the waterways. Never disturb natural habitats and only swim in designated areas.

Hike a Trail

America prides itself on beautiful parks and vistas accessible only on foot. Hikers find themselves in places where traces of mankind are scarce but nature leaves a big impression. To prepare for a hike, pack plenty of water and snacks as many trails don’t offer services. If you find yourself at Blue Moon Rising in June, you’re in luck! We have several hiking trails on site for you to explore.

Bring a Bike

An activity for the whole family, a bike ride can propel your adventure to the next level. With a breeze on your face and the sun at your back, a bike ride is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and improve your health at the same time!

Be a Good Steward

There’s no better way to give back to mother nature than being a good steward to protect the well-being of the forests, waterways, and wildlife. Celebrate the great outdoors as a volunteer and help clean up, educate visitors, and protect the environment at local parks and recreation areas.

Clean Up a Park

Hit a local trail and pick up trash. If you’re on a waterway, remove debris like plastics to prevent further contamination to water quality and wildlife. It’s hard to believe that people still litter in 2019, however, it is a reality that can be eliminated if we all do our part.

Take Photos

Most great photos are taken just after sunrise and the hour just before sunset. Referred to as the “golden hour” in the world of photography, the light is softer and makes for stunning images. If you plan to photograph wildlife, keep in mind that wildlife is more active on cloudy days than on sunny days. No need for fancy equipment, a smartphone can take award-winning nature photographs.

Walk the Dog

Take the pooch for a leisurely walk in a local park where you both can enjoy the time outside. Remember, take extra water for your pet and pick up after them. To keep you and your pet safe, keep them on a leash in areas where wildlife is prevalent.

Watch Beautiful Birds

This activity requires you to sit quietly and observe. For first-timers, be aware of the surroundings and avoid any sudden movements or loud noises that may startle birds. Keep a journal of what birds you see and make it a monthly event.

Be a participant in this year’s Great Outdoors Month® and get outside!

Get a blister or two on your feet, a little sun in your face, and of course, get your hands dirty! If you want an out-of-the-ordinary experience with nature, check out our Deep Creek Lake cabin rentals and experience an eco-friendly resort in-tune with mother nature.

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