ADA Compliant cabin in deep creek lake

Blue Sky

ADA compliant (Wheelchair Accessible)
1 Queen Size Nook and 1 Queen Size Loft
Open Kitchen with NuWave cooktop, Toaster oven, and mini fridge
Full Bathroom with tub and shower (Wheelchair Accessible)

Blue Sky, named after its builder Billy “Blue Sky” Thomas, is our ADA compliant home. It offers beauty and spaciousness throughout, making it easy to navigate for those utilizing a wheelchair. One of the first things you’ll notice upon entering, is the one of a kind sink light fashioned from parts of an antique gramophone. The queen bed on the main floor provides ample room on either side for easy in and out access, and the bathroom is equipped with an ADA approved tub and shower, topped off with a unique hubcap overhead light.

Blue Sky is a one of a kind dwelling with an exceptional view from the front porch, which also comes with an outdoor shower for all to enjoy!