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1 Queen Size Loft, 1 Full Size Murphy Bed
Kitchen Nook  w. Dining Table – Mini Fridge, NuWave Cooktop
Full Bathroom w. Shower

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MoonShine was the first of our “Waldens” to find its place on the hill at Blue Moon Rising. Reclaimed barn wood adorns the walls and floors hinting of its past life in some rustic barn in the Appalachians; saved from the decay of time and now relocated to an ultra-efficient modern living space.   MoonShine makes the most of living and gathering space with the addition of a Murphy bed on the first level, tucked inconspicuously in the main room. A built in bench adds seating when the bed is not in use.  A “bunkbed” area provides additional sleeping overlooking the main living space. Following the theme of the entire site MoonShine has also been furnished with eco-friendly products, from the low flow toilets to high efficiency heaters, lighting and insulation.

On the exterior of MoonShine reclaimed barn wood once again has been used in a traditional board and batten style accented by hand cut cedar shakes.  The front porch boast a spectacular view of the living roof on our Phoenix building set against a backdrop of beautiful Deep Creek Lake.  There is no better place to be sitting in a rocking chair on a cool mountain evening.