Rent a tiny house


1 Queen Size Nook
Open Kitchen w. Dining Island – Mini Fridge, NuWave Cooktop
Full Bathroom w. Tiled Shower

Rental Policies & Information

The constellation of Orion is one of the most widely recognized star groups in the world; the stars are some of the brightest in the night sky and stand out amongst the backdrop. Our cabin Orion shines in much the same way atop the hill at Blue Moon Rising.

Star motifs and stunning use of galvanized siding beg to be recognized among the modest motif of greens and browns provided by the forest. This is one of only three cabins at BMR catered to couples. The curvature of the siding finds its way into the main room via endless ornate decorative elements that flow into the queen sized sleeping nook.

Many relaxing afternoons can be spent on the front porch or inside the main room on a futon perfect for two.