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We invite you to experience the beauty of Deep Creek Lake while staying in one of our tiny cabins.

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Blue Moon Rising on Deep Creek Lake arose from a vision to enhance the ecotourism and sustainability community in Garrett County, Maryland. Nestled on 116 acres overlooking Deep Creek Lake the property that is home to Blue Moon Rising is nearly as unique as the project itself. Rolling hillsides, ever-changing lake views, and a dense canopy of timber all combine to create a perfect setting.

A cornerstone of Blue Moon Rising is that nothing goes to waste – that is the foundation of our ecotourism mission. Our team is dedicated to cultivating economic, environmental, and social sustainability. Each and every tree that was removed was carefully evaluated so that could be reused elsewhere on the project. Whether as trim, a support post, or simply as wood to fuel the highly efficient masonry stove, these trees have been given a new life in the fabric of Blue Moon Rising. Your stay in our cabins won’t just be an unforgettable getaway, but one that you can feel good about too.

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