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Annual Calendar Of Events

Deep Creek Lake has a flurry of activity all year long. Each season initiates a new reason to get to the mountains.  While you’re here, stay with us; your home away from home!  We offer 13 adorable cabins with distinct personality and sustainable passion behind...

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Valentine’s Day Getaway at Blue Moon Rising

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift? Skip the flowers and candy this year and make it about something much deeper: an experience. As creatures of habit, we adapt to material things and often lose joy in things that become common. But guess what? People tend...

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Cut energy costs

Cut Energy Costs Day

As a national movement, January 10 is #CutYourEnergyCostsDay, a way to bring awareness to the benefits of energy conservation, not only for you, but for the environment too. Reduction of your energy use can lower your utility needs and costs, and therefore, effectively reduce your...

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New Years Resolutions with Positive Impact

Often a New Year’s resolution is focused on a personal improvement or goal for the betterment of your lifestyle, family, or well-being, right? Does your resolution include something for the benefit of the big picture like: the environment, your community, or the economy? If not,...

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Snow Activities in Deep Creek Lake

­Snow is meant to be enjoyed. If you want to play in the powder, come to Deep Creek Lake where winter comes to life. With an average seasonal snowfall of over 100 inches of snow, chances are you will encounter the white stuff if you...

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