How to Beat the Heat with a Visit to Deep Creek Lake

August is a hot month on the east coast. But, don’t let that keep you from going outside! A visit to Deep Creek Lake in Maryland is an ideal getaway to cool off with some fresh mountain air and water adventures. The Deep Creek Lake area is our favorite spot and we have figured out how to beat the heat in the hot summer months! 

Deep Creek Lake is the largest lake in Maryland, in the northeastern part of the state. The beautiful mountainous lake area is less than a 5-hour drive from hot and humid spots on the East Coast – Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Delaware, just to name a few.

How to Beat the Heat at Deep Creek Lake

wake boarding on deep creek lake

  1. Take a Morning Hike

    There are numerous hiking trails near Deep Creek Lake. The morning is a great time to get on the trails, and the tall trees add some shade to stay cool. To see the best views, we recommend any of these best hiking trails in Western Maryland

  2. Get a Cold, Sweet Treat

    After your morning hike, enjoy an iced coffee or tea at MoonShadow Cafe. Or, if you’re in the mood for a sweet treat – we highly recommend Katie’s Ice Cream or Lakeside Creamery. Trust us, none of these places will disappoint! 

  3. Have Some Water Fun!

    You’ll be sure to stay cool during the afternoon with some water adventures. That is what Deep Creek Lake is all about! There is boating, paddle boarding, water skiing, tubing, fishing, you name it. Check out our activities and events page for all the fun things to do nearby. 

  4. Indoor Axe Throwing and Arcade

    If you want to stay inside – that’s cool too (pun intended)! Enjoy some fun competition with friends or family at Deep Creek Lake Adventures. Visit one of their locations for axe throwing or their arcade. They also have bumper boats at their Fun Zone location!

  5. Enjoy an Evening Drink and Outdoor Music

    Once the sun sets, enjoy an evening drink and outdoor music with dinner at MoonShadow. The bar/restaurant has a vast selection of entree items,  appetizers, and specialty drinks. Be sure to check out their events page for a great night of live music. 

  6. Let Blue Moon Rising Host Your Stay!

    We hope these were some helpful tips for how to beat the heat with a visit to Deep Creek Lake. If you’re ready for a getaway near the east coast during the hot summer months, let Blue Moon Rising host you. Our cabins are nestled in the woods, just walking distance from Deep Creek Lake and nearby hiking trails.

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