7 Winter Anniversary Ideas for the Adventurous Couple

Are you looking for new and fresh ideas for celebrating a winter anniversary with your beau? If you are the adventurous type, you most likely embrace the different activities you can do in the snow. As outdoor enthusiasts, we have come up with the best winter anniversary ideas for adventurous couples. We also recommend the best romantic winter getaway to experience all of these activities. 

7 Best Winter Anniversary Ideas

We love the snow and planning activities for wintertime. This list is the perfect combo of adventure and romance for your winter anniversary. 

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  1. Hit the Slopes

    Going to a ski resort is a fun way to celebrate your anniversary. Whether you prefer skiing or snowboarding, hitting the slopes will give you a day of fun and adventure together. If you have never tried skiing or snowboarding before, the adrenaline rush is like no other. And let’s not forget to mention the incredible scenery. The views on the snowy mountain are stunning!

  2. Plan a Snowshoeing Hike

    Snowshoeing is a fun alternative to hiking – but in the snow! It is a fun activity for couples that enjoy the snow and outdoor activities. Snowshoeing is also an incredible exercise. If you have never done it before, it is easy to learn. Check out this guide to beginner snowshoeing

  3. Experience Snow Tubing

    Snow Tubing is great for many ages and skill levels. Another advantage is that it is not as costly compared to other winter activities. Snow Tube rentals are typically by the hour. Drive to your destination and snow tube down the hill for an adventurous winter anniversary date. 

  4. Go Ice Skating

    Another fun winter anniversary idea is to go ice skating. You can visit an indoor or outdoor ice rink depending on the location. Bundle up and enjoy some hot cocoa while you take a break during your adventure date.

  5. Take a Scenic Drive

    If you are in a great natural area such as the mountains, a scenic drive is a fun way to experience the snow. Make some stops along the way to get out and take photos. The snow on the trees and mountains are so pretty! 

  6. Warm Up by the Campfire

    Grab some cocoa or a hot toddy and cuddle up at the campfire. After a long day of adventure, this is the perfect end to your day. Share stories around the fire and watch the stars together. 

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  7. Plan a Romantic Winter Getaway

    You can experience all of these activities and more on a romantic winter getaway at Deep Creek Lake in Maryland. Let Blue Moon Rising host you for your anniversary trip. Check out our list of cabin rentals to find the best stay for your getaway. We also have board games and wifi to stream your favorite movies at each of our locations. For the winter anniversary ideas mentioned in this post, check out our activities page

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