Deep Creek Lake Disc Golf: Where to Play

deep creek lake disc golf

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The disc golf scene is growing and now the sport can be added to the list of great activities to enjoy at Deep Creek Lake. “The Glades at Mesach Run” recently opened and is the first public course in Garrett County!  

The Glades at Mesach Run Disc Golf Course is brought to you by the Deep Creek Lions Club. You can enjoy the course at the McHenry Community Park and the course design is great for most players. Beginners will probably have fun on the opening nine holes, while the intermediate-level players will find themselves hunting for birdies among the challenging shots in the woods later on. 

Deep Creek Lake Disc Golf – The Glades at Mesach Run

If you are staying in McHenry it is very close to town. You can get in an early round before heading off to other activities or you can make a day of it at the McHenry Community Park since there are trails, picnic areas, bathrooms, a softball field and a dog park.  

Bring your pup! The course is dog friendly with good signage, good grippy tee pads and beautiful trails in the woods near Deep Creek Lake. There is a course map on the property and the latest layouts are available on UDisc

When to Play Disc Golf in Deep Creek Lake

The McHenry Community Park facilities are open April through October.

Where to Stay Near The Glades at Meshach Run

The Blue Moon Rising Cabins are right around the corner, a quick six minutes drive away. The cabins make a great place to relax at the end of the day. 

Are There Other Disc Golf Courses Near Deep Creek Lake? 

WISP Resort: A private 18-hole course in McHenry with mixed reviews. Due to the resort fee, it might be more of an option to consider if you are also doing other activities at the resort

Coopers Rock Disc Golf Course is also a new course that is a little over 30 minutes away

Jumonville Glen and Blackwater Falls Disc Golf Course are favorably rated courses but take some driving. Each one is about an hour drive from McHenry. 

While it is very new, The Glades currently has the highest rating out of all of these options.  There is enough variety to keep coming back to. It will be interesting to see how the course evolves in the coming years. 

Have a Great Round! 

On your next visit to Deep Creek Lake, hopefully you get the chance to sling some discs through the glades!

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