DIY Halloween Costumes

October is full of surprises from the change of seasons to the final holiday of the month, Halloween. Incidentally, the spooky holiday leaves everyone asking, “What are you going to be for Halloween?”  If you haven’t decided on a costume yet, we have suggestions that encourage repurposed or recycled materials for the perfect DIY halloween costumes:

Fork in the road.  Metaphorically speaking, we’ve all been there, where the big decision hangs on your choices!  Sounds like heavy life stuff, but easy to translate into a clever costume.  Materials needed include: recycled plastic fork, white fabric scraps, a black t-shirt, and fabric glue. Use the white fabric scraps to create the appearance of a road with lines, then add the fork to the road. Click here to see what the finished project looks like.

Movie Theater Floor:  On your next trip to the movie theater, save your candy wrappers and popcorn container, beverage cup and straw.  Sounds like a lot to tote home, but you can use the items to make a great costume of what many leave behind as trash on the floor at the theater.  Not only does your costume make a statement about trash and unnecessary packaging, it serves as a reminder that we should all pick up after ourselves at the movie theater.  Attach your movie theater recyclables to a black t-shirt using fabric glue. Click here to see the final product.

Traveling Art Exhibit: Grab a few friends and create a unique museum-like experience. Use an old sheet, recycled cardboard, or poster board and recreate familiar artworks from master painters like:  Piet Mondrian, Pablo Picasso, or Andy Warhol. Once the masterpiece is complete, adhere a curtain rod, branch, or broom handle to the back to hold in place.  Consider yourself a moving art gallery, complete with interactive talking exhibits. Click here to see exhibit examples you should try.

Life-sized Paper Doll:  This one will get attention when it appears you’ve jumped off the page.  With just a few pieces of cardboard, scrap fabric, random buttons, a sharpie and glue, you can morph into a paper doll, complete with changeable outfits. You can bet your friends will want to join you with this costume idea, the possibilities are endless. Click here for the complete instructions.

Legos:  Old or young, everyone loves legos.  Whether you’ve played with them as a child or stepped on them underfoot as a parent, we all appreciate the timeless appeal they have on our culture.  Celebrate this timeless plastic piece with an easy to make costume with things you probably have around the house.  You’ll need a medium-size rectangular box, six paper bowls, glue, string, scissors and spray paint.  This is a great costume for families or couples! Click here for further instructions.

Leave your identity at the door and escape reality with a great costume this Halloween. Better yet, recycle, reuse, or repurpose materials for costumes and decorations. If you aren’t feeling creative, visit your local Goodwill Store for a great selection of costumes where your purchases help local your residents in the local community. Need a place for your Halloween get together? Did you know, Blue Moon Rising Resort offers a perfect setting for ghosts and goblins to congregate next to a bonfire for storytelling, snacking on S’mores and much more. Book your next stay here.

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