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Why do employers host company retreats?

For the most part, it brings perspective, ideas, and vision to the whole company. However, the benefits of a company retreat go beyond the scope of team-building exercises and the ability to think outside the box. A company retreat galvanizes relationships, exposes hidden talents, and creates an atmosphere of family which translates into a cohesive and productive staff.

What is the purposes of a company retreat? Instead of the traditional in-office workshops and meetings, take employees offsite for something out of the ordinary. For Ironistic Owner Rita Foss, “It just makes sense; with the majority of our employees working remotely around the country, we bring them together twice a year to meet, collaborate, and have some fun. We chose Blue Moon Rising because it offered everything we needed for a successful retreat. As we stood on the hill at Blue Moon Rising watching our staff arrive, it was like family coming home.”

Company Retreat

How do employees feel about corporate retreats?

According to Ironistic Front End Developer, Josh Hall, “I like the face-to-face connection with co-workers and the sense of being part of the Ironistic family.” In addition to feeling like family, retreats build morale and generate bonds between co-workers that may not have existed before. Employees love the opportunity to get out from behind the desk to explore, learn, and grow.

Why Blue Moon Rising?

Perfect for any occasion, the Blue Moon Resort offers 14 rustic cabins situated in a woodland setting overlooking Deep Creek Lake. In addition to accommodations for 45 people, there is a community building to gather as a group, a pavilion for outdoor activities, and a bon-fire pit for late night story-telling. For logistical planning, the Blue Moon staff is available to assist guests during the course of the stay.

Company retreats forge the way to deliver goals, objectives, and rewards to staff and even potential recruits. The results of a company retreat can be heard in thoughtful conversations and seen in team-inspired projects. The staff at Blue Moon Rising knows the importance of a work family and strive to bring excellence, quality, and comfort to your next retreat. If you are considering a company retreat for your staff, start your search here.

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