Tips for Surviving the Cold and Making Winter Fun in Maryland

We are officially into the winter months now and have experienced a few snowy days here in Maryland. We know that not everyone is a fan of the cold weather, so we wanted to share some tips for surviving the cold and making winter fun this year. There are many fun things to do in winter, and we want to share some with you. Keep warm and enjoy the season!

Dress Warm

It’s time to take out those coats, beanies, and boots! We love supporting local businesses and suggest stocking up on your winter gear at Deep Creek Apparel Co. They have great selections for winter hats and sweaters. They also have fun Christmas-themed clothing on their website. Check them out!

Stay Moving – Things to Do in Winter

Make it fun when surviving the cold by experiencing some winter adventures. Wisp Resort is our go-to for skiing, snowboarding, and tubing. If you have never skied before, you can schedule lessons at their resort. Don’t worry – once you get moving, you’ll warm up quickly!

things to do in winter

If you enjoy hiking, All Earth Eco Tours has snowshoe hiking tours. Experience the magical winter wonderland of Swallow Falls State Park or Snaggy Mountain on these guided tours. 

Enjoy a Warm Drink After Your Adventure

After your winter adventure, don’t forget to grab a warm drink at Moon Shadow. Their bar has a vast selection of beverages to choose from, including seasonal drinks, hot tea, and coffee. Check their website ahead of time for excellent live events and entertainment

Go Shopping

There are many local stores to shop at around the Deep Creek Lake area. Go shopping for great holiday deals and winter clothes. For great deals on water sports like kayaking and paddle boarding, we suggest Fun Time Water Sports. For gifts and apparel, we suggest Bear Creek Traders

Enjoy the Winter Season!

If you are looking for a great getaway to experience some of the great activities we suggested, book a stay with Blue Moon Rising. Experience a magical winter wonderland near Deep Creek Lake. Enjoy winter adventures near us, and in the evening stay cozy with some hot cocoa at one of our campfires. Have fun this winter season and stay warm!

Blue Moon Rising in the snow

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