Amazing Recycling Benefits for America Recycles Day

November 15, 2022 is America Recycles Day, and if you have been reading our other blog posts, you know we care about sustainability. There are numerous recycling benefits, and our country doesn’t do enough of it. In the United States alone, nearly 300 million tons of waste are produced annually. Of that waste, there is a nationwide recycling rate of 32%. When compared to the rest of the world, the United States ranks 25 out of the 32 major countries, which is extremely low. 

Recycling Benefits

  • Recycling Protects Ecosystems and Wildlife

When you recycle, you reduce the need to cut down forest trees or extract new raw materials from the earth – all of which disrupts natural habitats. 

  • Recycling Saves Energy

Reproducing aluminum cans from recycled aluminum saves 95% energy than creating it from scratch. Reproducing steel saves 70% energy. 

  • Recycling Creates Jobs

The recycling industry creates over 500,000 jobs in the United States for recycle collection, transferring, processing, and exporting materials. 

Tips for Recycling

  • Plastic bags cannot go in the recycle bin. They need to be recycled at a drop off location. 
  • Clean out food containers. Food can contaminate an entire batch of recycling. 
  • Items smaller than a credit card should be thrown away. Small caps and other items can get caught in sorting machinery. 

Recycling Benefits

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Thank you for reading Amazing Recycling Benefits for America Recycles Day! As mentioned previously, Blue Moon Rising cares about sustainability. We host tiny cabins off of Deep Creek Lake in Maryland which were built with as small of an environmental impact as possible. Each of our cabins have recycling bins and composting bins. We look forward to hosting you!

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