Cost of Tiny Homes

Are you planning to downsize or maybe add a guest house to your existing property? Well, a tiny house may be just the answer to your dilemma and your budget. Depending on your need, tiny structures are used for primary homes, yoga & fitness studios, vacation cabins, art galleries, or even a guest house in your back yard. Whatever your reason, there is a tiny home out there just for you…and it’s closer than you think.

Location, location, location.
Did I repeat myself? Yes, location is critical to your tiny home success. With the birth of the tiny house movement came new zoning restrictions and laws, which can complicate placement of your tiny home. Zoning determines where your tiny house can be permanently located. Cities, townships, and counties can all have different zoning regulations, so be sure to research the zoning laws before you make the decision to buy or build. If you find yourself wanting to build in a zoned area, you will likely still be able to build a tiny home as a secondary residential space lot adjacent to your primary home if you’re looking for a guest house, office space, or in-law suite. However, if you’re considering living a tiny home near Deep Creek Lake, you are in luck! HOBBITAT, with a “think big, live small” motto, is a Garrett County company dedicated to small thoughtfully designed structures to compliment nature, inspire healthy living, and provide energy efficiency and sustainability to your new lifestyle. Working with a local company like HOBBITAT provides valuable resources to you and your project.

Don’t try this at home.
You’ve probably seen the TV shows on how easy it is to downsize and build a tiny home. Not so fast; it’s not quite that simple. If you’re not a professional carpenter, then you really should hire a professional. Not only will it save you time and aggravation, but it will probably save you money by avoiding costly mistakes as a novice builder. HOBBITAT, as a tiny home consultant and builder, can evaluate your building site, customize your plan, and provide a turn-key project, all in line with your goals.

So, What is the Cost of Tiny Homes?
Invest in your family, Have you been saving for that rainy day? You know, the one where you are going to spend that hard earned money on something special for the family. Well, the time has come. Have you been wanting a vacation cabin at Deep Creek Lake or maybe a guest house out back for your in-laws? Make it a reality. Offering structures from 225 SQ ft to 750 SQ ft, HOBBITAT brings you the “HOB”, a hand-crafted structure built to withstand the unforgiving winters of western Maryland and creative enough to enjoy every aspect of the mountain setting in the summer. A finished HOB (includes full kitchen, full bath, living area, and loft) starts around 85K. If that’s more than you wanted to spend initially, consider the FOLLY, a smaller version of the HOB structure. The FOLLY, a clever and scalable “starter structure”, can be upgraded as you go. If you want to grow as you go, this version starts at just 15K.

Are you ready to think big and live small? Consider a test drive first; rent a tiny house for a weekend before you make the final decision! Plan a stay at Blue Moon Rising, our tiny cabin resort located just a short drive from the city. Blue Moon Rising also provides weekly tours of Maryland’s first tiny cabin community. Call 240-442-5287 or click here to reserve your tiny cabin today.

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