Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Are you aware of how much waste goes into holiday gift giving? Americans generate an extra 25 million tons of garbage from Thanksgiving through the New Year’s holiday. In addition to all the trash, our addiction to material things causes serious harm to the planet. 

The gift giving ritual is a beautiful thing until we’re overwhelmed with stuff. More often than not, gifts get returned, go unused, or get stored on a shelf to be forgotten. In the spirit of gift-giving, there are plenty of ways to give a lovely gift without contributing to the waste of excess consumerism.  

This year, try an intangible eco-friendly gift like an experience or service. In fact, a study reveals people are happier with an experience than with the instant gratification of a material item. 

We’ve come up with a list of alternative gift ideas worth trying:

Reveal your roots.

In the age of DNA, it is easier to find and connect with distant family than ever before. Resources like or provide online services to build and maintain a family tree. Start with a name and these genealogy services help you find unique family stories and never before seen photos. As the tree grows, uses can discover lost generations, distant relatives, and tales of heart ache and survival. Likewise, recipients can share their own stories and photos for future generations to enjoy.

Give an experience.

The best and most precious gift we can give to ourselves and to others is time and experience. For a memorable gift, consider an activity or outing like a concert or play. The anticipation and excitement leading up to the event is part of the gift allure. For the foodies on your list, tickets to wine, whiskey, and chocolate tastings are always a delicious option.

Feed their passion.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find just the right gift, however, a cool subscription can make a perfect gift for just about anyone. With all the online streaming services, subscription services like Netflix for TV, and Spotify for music, and Audible for books, recipients can choose what they want, when they want it. Think of a subscription as they gift that keeps on giving. 

Adopt a highway.

Surprise your family and friends with their own assigned road to keep clean and trash free. To set up, contact local or state highway officials to complete an application and select a road to adopt. As a token of gratitude, a sign bearing the adoptees name will be erected along the selected road. Just like that, you’ve given a gift that is eco-friendly and sustainable.

Learn something new.

While it may sound corny, learning a new skill or hobby can be life-changing. Inspire a young mind to learn a new language or offer dance lessons to your parents, either way your gift will make an impact. 

Get to the mountains.

Nothing is more appealing than a trip to the mountains. A retreat gift certificate can provide respite and stress-free activities for someone who just wants to get away from it all. Just a short drive from the city, Blue Moon Rising is a unique experience to share with family, friends, and even your pet. 

This holiday season, focus on what’s important, time with the people you love. When it’s the thought that counts, choose eco-friendly gifts that proffer a conscience and give our planet a fighting chance. Learn more about eco-friendly gifts and sustainable living at Blue Moon Rising.



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