Tips for Eco Friendly Vacations

Eco Friendly VacationsAre you becoming more consciously aware of the environment and your impact on it? You are among many around the world taking a responsible approach to travel and vacations. Ecotourism is a brand of responsible traveler who finds the best choices for social sustainability, conservation of the environment and continued education on ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Here are five tips to help you become a more eco-friendly traveler.

1) The Place.

Choose a place near home or within a few hours drive. Research what the area offers in the way of outdoor activities with minimal environmental impact like hiking, or biking trails. Make sure the area offers plenty of local farm to table food choices, supporting the local community and economy.

2) The Transportation.

Choose the most environmentally friendly form of transport. Avoid flying if at all possible. If a group of friends are going together, travel in one car. Pack light; the less weight you carry the less energy you use. Once you arrive, park the car and find other modes of travel like bike rentals, kayaks, or good old fashioned walking.

3) The Lodging.

Look for accommodations with solid sustainable practices like recycling, energy efficient appliances, and use of environmentally friendly energy sources such as solar power.   Also, research the amenities, as see if they offer onsite activities and eco-friendly events.

4) The Attitude.

Respect the local environment. Stay on trails and public footpaths; do not remove plants or feed animals; and never litter. Conserve water when you can and use a refillable water container.   Opt to reuse your lodging towels and bed linen. Turn off all lights and electronic devices when you leave the room.

5) The Return Home.

Skip the souvenir, and instead, take with you the experience of time with family and friends. Leave nature as you found it; remember, it is illegal to remove items from State and National Parks; take a photo instead.

Eco-friendly vacations give all a greater understanding and appreciation for nature, the local community, and the culture. As you journey and explore alternative travel choices, keep in mind, the positive impact you make is a step in the right direction to the sustainability of our planet. Eco-friendly resorts are closer than you think. Check out the Blue Moon Rising cabins, Maryland’s first eco-friendly tiny cabin resort located at Deep Creek Lake. Are you ready to change the way you vacation?

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