Minimalist Packing List for a Weekend Get-away

Do you overpack when you take a trip or go on vacation? Chances are, we all take more than we need to travel. If you want to lessen your load and travel like a minimalist, with a little practice you can embrace more with less. We’ve collected our favorite tips to help you pack for a weekend getaway to the mountains in this minimalist packing list.

Here are the four things you’ll need:

1. Threads.

Dress sensibly! The season will dictate the clothing you need for a weekend trip. Always pack a sweatshirt for cool morning walks and bring a heavier jacket for the brisk evenings. Because temperatures can fluctuate during the day, long and short sleeved t-shirts are a necessity. Wear pants or shorts conducive to your planned activities. Better yet, if you have pants that convert to shorts, bring them along to be prepared for changing conditions.

Tip: For weekends, pack in two’s, 2 t-shirts, 2 pants, 2 shoes, etc.

2. Treads.

Walk with confidence! If your feet are happy you can do just about anything. Best advice, leave the heels at home and go with the most sensible shoes you own. Be prepared with non-skid shoes, sandals, or boots as mountain terrain can be unpredictable, slippery, and uneven. If you plan to spend time in the water, consider water shoes to protect your feet from rocks, debris, or unseen sharp objects.

Tip: A spare pair of dry shoes and socks will feel like heaven if your feet end up wet.

3. Sundries.

Safety first! The weather can be unpredictable anywhere you go; prepare and pack the necessary protections like sunscreen and insect repellent. Nobody likes rain on vacation, but it helps to be ready with an umbrella or a waterproof jacket. Rain or shine, a hat, and sunglasses can protect and provide comfort from the elements.

Tip: Be aware of weather conditions before you go and prepare and pack accordingly.

4. Gear.

Make the most of your weekend getaway with outdoor activities that renew and revive the spirit. If you plan to participate in outdoor activities, consider renting your equipment. In the spirit of packing light, sport equipment rentals are available for everything from skis to boats. If you bring your own gear, be sure to tune, tweak, or clean thoroughly to ensure you do not contaminate sensitive environments with foreign matter.

Tip: Don’t waste time in long lines; call ahead and reserve rental equipment and gear.

A weekend getaway should be filled with fun, sun, sports, and adventure. Don’t drag out the big suitcase with wheels for this trip. Think like a minimalist and use a backpack or duffle bag and only fill with the essentials. As you pack, ask yourself the question, is it something you need or want. Think like a minimalist and only pack what you need. Let us host your weekend getaway at Blue Moon Rising Resort, where nature and adventure coexist.

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