Sustainable Gift Ideas for Travelers

Do you have a perpetual traveler on your holiday gift list? Let us help you find the perfect gift that is both travel smart and eco-friendly. Sustainable travelers know the importance of mutual respect and the impact their presence makes on the environment, society, and economy of the places they go. They also know ways to lessen their footprint on the planet.

As you shop for your traveler, be aware, not all products are created equal when it comes to sustainability. Look for reputable companies whose missions focus on sustainability or that partner with local conservation groups and park services. Below, we’ve listed our favorite products for the sustainable traveler on your gift list:

Reusable Beverage Container

When one travels, there are a multitude of choices for libations and beverages during the course of trip.  We found Hydro Flask, a company with multi-climate insulated drink-ware to maintain icy cold drinks in the summer and steaming hot drinks in the winter.  Best of all, they offer over 100 different products including wine and beer flasks. This gift also saves  about 1,460 plastic bottles from ending up in landfills. 

Solar Charger

Cell phones are part of everything we do, especially when we travel.  However, it’s not always convenient to charge devices when camping remotely or hiking the back country.  This problem is solved easily with BirkSun solar backpacks. Built with a low carbon footprint, these waterproof backpacks can charge a cell phone in the same amount of time it would take plugged into the wall.  Using the sun’s energy to charge a device can save a few bucks and maybe even a life.

Light and Radio

Because anything can happen, preparedness is essential to the traveler.  Whether it be for pleasure or business, every traveler should be equipped with emergency supplies.  This includes lights and communication. Experts in emergency response, The Red Cross offers a portable all-in-one device.  This compact multi-powered device includes a weather alert radio, phone charger, and LED flashlight.  This gift provides travelers a safe journey even if it includes tornadoes, hurricanes, or earthquakes.

Solar Oven

Let the sun do the cooking! With no electricity or fuel required, a solar oven can be used where grills and campfires are prohibited. In addition, a solar oven can be utilized in an emergency situation. Used all over the world, the SUN OVEN® takes a centuries old tradition and combines it with today’s technology to create an efficient solar appliance. Solar ovens can eliminate up to 70 percent of the wood consumed for household cooking around the world.

Eco-friendly Getaway

Sometimes the best gift is simply time to relax. Treat your loved ones to a weekend getaway to experience sustainability up close and personal. The Blue Moon Rising Resort, overlooking Deep Creek Lake, cultivates the vision and attitude of sustainable travel. With little impact to the environment, this mountaintop sanctuary demonstrates the guiding principle that comfort and beauty need not be sacrificed for humans to live lightly on the planet. Book a stay in one of the thirteen adorable cabins.

Even if you aren’t a world traveler, sustainability is beneficial at work and at home. When selecting a gift for the traveler on your list, get one for yourself.  Start your own sustainability movement within your own family. Better yet, make it a theme this holiday season!  If you want to learn more about eco-tourism and sustainability, contact our team at Blue Moon Rising Resort.

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