The Benefits of Eating Locally Grown Food

Why eat locally grown food? As consumers, we’ve begun to take notice of what’s on the dinner plate and question the origin of our food. With this growing trend, local food producers see the benefit of transparency when it comes to how their food is grown.

The benefits of locally grown food go much further than the dinner table. When the community rallies together and brings positive change for the common good of its people, the environment, and the future sustainability of the area, everybody wins. 

Ask anyone who shops the local farmers market if they think the food is fresher than what they find at the grocery chains. The answer will always be, “YES!”. Here are some of the key benefits of locally grown food:

    • Access to Fresh Food – Local farmers pick at the peak of ripeness and provide local consumers products free of preservatives, wax, and other chemicals used by commercial growers to make food look pretty and last longer.  Farmers markets are the best venue to try seasonal items and appreciate the delicious spectrum of each growing season.
    • Enhancing Health and Nutrition – When it comes to nutrition, fresh food has natural vitamins and minerals the body requires every day. For the boldest flavors and nutritional value, choose produce in season. Talk to farmers and ask for recommendations on how to store and prepare what they grow.
    • Sustaining Economic Growth – In a sustainable cycle, money spent with local farmers stays close to home and is reinvested in businesses and services within the same community.  Furthermore, a network of local connections builds trust, unity, and ethical economic growth within the community.
    • Impacting the Environment – To save fuel costs on long distance deliveries, food distribution channels in local communities eliminate the middle man. As growers provide products at farmers markets or local produce stands, the food goes directly into the hands of the consumer. 
    • Building Trust Within the Community – Local food suppliers create a bond with local consumers when they share production techniques and harvest practices. As a result, shoppers are confident that local food is safe and free of contamination when it comes to market.
    • Recognizing the Value – While local fresh food may be more expensive, keep in mind what you save in the end – your health, the environment, and the local economy. As an important commodity in the community, local suppliers take stock in the health and well-being of their consumers.

The fall harvest is in full swing and a perfect time to support the local produce growers in your area by enjoying the delicious bounty! 

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