Wedding Wednesday – The Best Day of All for Marriage

Have you seen the trending Wedding Wednesday photos yet? They are all over social media! If you are in the wedding planning stage, having a weekday wedding may or may not have crossed your mind. If it has – don’t just pick any weekday. Choose Wednesday. 


“Marry on Monday for health, 

Tuesday for wealth, 

Wednesday the best day of all

Thursday for crosses, 

Friday for losses, 

and Saturday for no luck at all.” – Folk Rhyme


Why Wedding Wednesday is the Best Day of All for Marriage

Wedding Wednesdays are the Best for Saving 

From the wedding venue to vendors, Wednesdays are the best day to find savings. Even though Wednesday weddings have increased in popularity, they are nowhere near as common as having a weekend wedding. 

Most people plan to have a weekend wedding because that is when a majority of their guests are off from work. Wedding venues and vendors both offer great discounts during the week. 

Wedding Vendors Love Working on Wednesdays

Vendors are so busy working on the weekends, that other days like Mondays and Fridays make it even more difficult for them. Many wedding vendors refer to Mondays as the “wedding hangover.” The term was coined not from drinking, but from working so hard from the weekend; thus, needing a day to recover. Wednesdays are a great day to break up the week for vendors, and their overall preferred weekday to work. 

Wednesdays are the Easiest Day for Guests to Attend During the Week

A majority of your wedding guests probably work during the week. However, Wednesdays tend to be the easiest day to request off. Not only that, your guests will also enjoy a wedding Wednesday to break up work week. 

We should mention that not all of your guests will be able to attend on a Wednesday. If they are traveling far, they will have to take off more than one day of work. Keep this in mind if you are inviting several guests from out of state. However, if taking a few days off of work is not a problem, mid-week travel is the most cost effective way for even your guests to attend. 

Inspiration for Wedding Wednesday

Have we convinced you yet that Wednesday is the best day of all for marriage? Here is some inspiration for planning your wedding on a Wednesday:

Wedding Wednesday Pinterest board – Take a browse through this Pinterest board for ideas to make your wedding day memorable.  

#WeddingWednesday on Instagram – From simple to elegant, and everything in between, the trending #WeddingWednesday will get you inspired about dresses and wedding decor. 

Let’s Plan Your Perfect Wedding Wednesday

Blue Moon Rising wants to help you plan your perfect Wedding Wednesday. Our Enchanted Deep Creek Wedding Venue will give you and your guests an unforgettable experience at our beautiful outdoor resort. Encourage your guests to make a vacation out of it, making this an intimate wedding experience for all. 

Want to plan a Fall wedding?  Read our blog: Fall Weddings at Blue Moon Rising.

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