Ecotourism Experience at Deep Creek Lake

Your Ecotourism Experience

Blue Moon Rising on Deep Creek Lake arose from a vision to enhance the ecotourism and sustainability community in Garrett County, Maryland – and we’re pet friendly too!

Nestled on 15 acres overlooking #deepcreeklake, the property that is home to Blue Moon Rising is nearly as unique as the project itself. Rolling hillsides, ever-changing lake views, and a dense canopy of timber all combine to create a perfect setting.

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Garrett County, Maryland is the western edge of the state, neatly tucked in between the farmland of Pennsylvania and the hills and hollers of West Virgina. Here is where the historic Potomac river is born, and Deep Creek Lake – originally built as a power plant – has transformed into a 1st class vacation community. The history of Garrett County runs much deeper than the crisp cool waters of Deep Creek. Back when Cumberland was the gateway to the west, Garrett County is where you took the train to escape the heat of Washington, DC and the port of Baltimore. Arriving in Historic Oakland, home of the Autumn Glory Festival, visitors took in the beauty and clean cool air of the mountains, played tennis in Mountain Lake Park and relaxed on the porches of beautiful buildings such as the one now home to the Deer Park Inn.

Today, Garrett County still provides a mountain escape. For those looking for a pet friendly ecotourism experience, Blue Moon Rising is perfectly situated for experiences every vacationer should explore. Garrett County has so much to offer; some of the best bike rides take you through one wonderful scenic setting after the next.  We are quickly becoming a destination for world class triathletes to train for races such as the Savage Man, which begins in DCL and winds its way through the county, challenging all those who dare to participate. Garrett County is also home to some wonderful artists and artisans such as Annie Simcoe, a paper and mixed media artist who grows some of her own plants to create paper!

Farming runs deep in our heritage and still continues today, and despite this growing era of factory farms, our family farms have continued to prosper. A few organic farms, such as Backbone farm, offer wonderful share cropping opportunities, and plenty of pick your own options. While at Blue Moon Rising we suggest you take a tour of one and come home with some of the freshest produce you’ll ever enjoy. And the best part, you bought it directly from the grower, can’t beat it with a stick!  For more information about working farms in our area, visit the Agritourism page from GC Economic Development.  This short synopsis of what we offer here in Garrett County is only the beginning of what we’ll expose you to while staying at Blue Moon Rising. Click here to book your ecotourism vacation!


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