3 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day!

A grassroots movement in 1970, Earth Day began as a collective US effort proposed by Wisconsin Governor, Gaylord Nelson.  The campaign drew enough support to result in the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the passing of important environmental acts written to protect and sustain the environment for generations to come.  As earth inhabitants, let’s take a moment to celebrate our existence on this blue marble with meaningful and memorable Earth Day activities.  Here are few ideas from our Blue Moon Rising on ways to celebrate Earth Day:

Plan a family hike

Leave the electronic distractions behind and get outside.  The family may be reluctant at first, but once in the forest, everyone has the rare opportunity to touch, run, shout, and explore the natural elements.  Teach your family to appreciate and respect nature to ensure future generations the same privilege. Visit our local Deep Creek Lake Discovery Center to plan a family hike the kids will talk about for years to come or book a Blue Moon Rising eco-friendly vacation, where we have a number of on-site hiking trails.

Plant food

More often than not, our food is dominated by large factory farms complete with pesticides and GMO’s.  Break away from the nefarious mass production food systems and grow your own. If you have the room outside, create a raised garden bed and grow fresh organic vegetables.  Sustain your pantry with food you grow and trust.

Share something

To support the planet, we must support the people. Simple eco-friendly gestures can improve the community and sustain a healthy economy. As a good start, participate in charitable events or book a local AirBnB listing, either way, it makes a huge difference in the local economy.  If you’ve got time, volunteer as a resource at the local library or senior center.

Earth Day is every day

The planet needs you; take a moment to pick up a piece of trash, plant a seed, or help a fellow human being; we’re all in this together.  We have more eco-friendly tips to protect and sustain the planet, read more from Blue Moon Rising here.

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