4 Autumn Tours To Take While at Deep Creek Lake

They say it is all about the leaves. Yes, it’s true, the mountains come alive with color and you become engulfed in a living work of art.  The splendor around Deep Creek Lake is so surreal you’ll want to pinch yourself to make sure it’s not a dream. We’ve found a few autumn activities that put you front and center as mother nature transforms her canvas:

Heritage Fall Foliage Driving Tour – This self-guided auto tour takes you to the most scenic places in the area, with a little history thrown in too. With the leaves at their peak, drive under the colorful canopies of country roads that take you on the path less traveled. Stand where brave pioneers brought the mountains to life. Be sure to download the map, cell service is limited in some areas of the tour.

Garrett County Barn Quilt Tour – Another self-guided way to explore the area is the Barn Quilt Tour. Add agriculture and the artwork of 42 quilts displayed proudly on barns across the county, and you got yourself a days worth of exploring. Each quilt design tells a story of rich Appalachian tradition. As you drive the tour, see first hand how sustainable agriculture and these folk art installations tie the community and families together. Here’s the map to all of them; how many will you see on your journey?

Friendsville Interactive Tour – If you’re from areas to the west of Deep Creek Lake, you’ve probably driven through the tiny town of Friendsville. A haven of local history, this municipality holds the distinction of the oldest settlement in Western Maryland.  The newest attraction, an interactive walking tour, guides you to 18 historic markers with a glimpse into the past of this once thriving mining town. Go further back in time and follow the same trails of the Shawnee tribe, along the banks of the raging Youghiogheny. Plan your tour with this easy to follow map of the town and river access areas.

Mountaintop Tiny Cabin Tour – See modern architecture in action at Blue Moon Rising Resort. With names like Moonshine and Funkomatik 513, the thirteen hand-crafted structures can only be described as miniature masterpieces. Using what the world discarded, the architect and builder repurposed sustainable items and brought them to life, one cabin at a time. Get a spectacular view of autumn leaves reflecting on Deep Creek while you visit.  It’s easy to schedule a guided tour, start here.

If you plan to tour the mountains this fall, be prepared for the weather. Stay safe and equip your car with a road atlas, gloves, blanket, and most importantly, a shovel as snow can come early and unexpected. If you have questions about weather conditions or accommodations during your stay, contact Blue Moon Rising at 240-442-5287 or click here.


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