Ecotourism Ideas for Your Honeymoon

The honeymoon is just as important as the wedding day. Once the big day is over you can take a deep breath and enjoy your first vacation as a married couple. When you travel, you can lessen your footprint with simple eco-friendly tourism practices. Thoughtful travel helps one appreciate and savor the opportunity to embrace the earth’s gifts one trip at a time.

For some couples, the wedding is planned around the honeymoon destination. The decision to stay and vacation near the wedding venue is part of the sustainable tourism principle. As a partnership, you and your spouse reduce your carbon footprint from day one of your new life together beginning with your ecotourism honeymoon.

We’ve found ways to participate in activities that do not bring negative effects to the environment or the local community and minimizes the overall impact of your visit. Here are ecotourism ideas for your honeymoon activities in the mountains of western Maryland overlooking Deep Creek Lake: 


Humans began the journey on foot so why not replicate the footsteps of others before us. Map out an excursion on foot that has been used for thousands of years or replicate the footsteps of a famous person in history. Of course, shoot only photos and leave no trace and keep the environment as you found it.


Nature is a reality show that never stops for hair and make-up. This real-time experience puts you in the center of it all while nature moves around you. Watch eagles soar, fish splash, or squirrels play – whatever the case, you’ll be inspired.


Often in rural areas, there are opportunities to ride horses to explore the back country. An activity for any skill level, a horseback ride can take you through mountain streams, down steep inclines and declines, or to a lakeside spot for a memorable sunset ride. Horses are amazing animals and can add a layer of perspective to your adventure.


For the adventurous couple, whitewater rafting is one of the most thrilling eco-honeymoon activities. Couples can feel first-hand the force of a gushing river as it cuts through narrow canyons or snakes its way through lush forest. Enjoy the wildness of a local river or try the world’s first whitewater rafting park.


Volunteer travel has grown in popularity in recent years. Whether it’s clearing trails in a national park or providing assistance to communities in foreign countries, “Voluntourism” is a terrific way to give back to a community that’s in need of help. It also gives couples the chance to immerse themselves in another culture and be part of a stunning landscape as well.

Think of green travel as a portable lifestyle choice. Start with your honeymoon location. Make a decision to be responsible travelers from day one of your new life together. If you are looking for a destination to get married and honeymoon at the same venue, Blue Moon Rising Resort may be just what you’re looking for.

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