5 Ways to Plan an Eco-friendly Wedding

Your wedding day is an important day for so many reasons. It’s a chance to show your love for your partner and demonstrate your commitment to each other in front of friends, family, and loved-ones. The planning process can be hectic, so take a deep breath, slow down, and be mindful of what this day will mean for you and your spouse-to-be, and remember: Eco-friendly wedding planning is easier than you may think! You don’t have to compromise your values as you plan your special day.

Here are 5 eco-friendly wedding ideas:

1) Pick a venue serious about sustainability

Look for a place devoted to environmental stewardship. Blue Moon Rising, for example, is a resort dedicated to economic, environmental, and social sustainability. Specializing in woodland weddings, our partnership with nature creates a memorable day under a forest canopy. In addition, the wedding party and guests can stay onsite in cabins built from reclaimed materials.

2) Keep it biodegradable

Be mindful about what is left at the end of the big day. Use biodegradable materials to lessen the impact of this big event. Plan to provide a disposal system that includes recycling for cans and bottles, and a compost bin for biodegradable items. Encourage guests to participate in a waste-free day!

3) Go local

Use regional vendors for everything from in-season flowers and farm-fresh food to local wines and craft beer. The local collaboration gives guests an opportunity to experience the culture, flavor, and music of the area. When couples choose Blue Moon Rising as their venue, we recommend a rehearsal dinner at MoonShadow, an artistic eatery nearby with a locally sourced menu and live entertainment.

4) Choose vintage heirlooms

Take to heart the tradition of something old or something borrowed and include heirlooms from family. Not only is this sustainable and wallet-friendly, but repurposing grandma’s wedding gown or wearing your mom’s jewelry adds a special touch from the important women in your life. Use your history as decor; display old photographs, antique quilts, or lace tablecloths borrowed from family members. With family memorabilia from both the bride and groom, watch generations come together and share the stories around your unique decor.

5) Create a meaningful wedding registry

As you begin your new life together, choose products made with sustainable materials that support environmentally-friendly practices. Look for reclaimed, repurposed, renewable, recycled, natural, or organic options to add function and beauty to your new journey as a couple. If you are already established in a home, consider a registry like The Good Beginning for a cause or charity close to you both.

Weddings offer an amazing opportunity to make a difference and inspire others. In fact, the process to plan an eco-friendly wedding may influence the choices you make beyond the wedding day. Equally important, guests experience the eco-friendly elements of sustainability in a beautiful and elegant setting. Let us help you plan an eco-friendly wedding at Deep Creek Lake, complete with venue, catering, and accommodations. Start here for a tour of Blue Moon Rising Resort.

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