How to Repurpose, Reclaim, and Reuse Everyday Items

We can always do more to consume less. Re-using everyday items in your home can save you money, waste, and time. As more cities begin to adopt bans on plastic shopping bags and bottles, consumers are making an effort to be aware of their own ecological footprint.

With a clever and innovative approach, identify things you can recycle or reuse again:

Glass Jars – Think of how many items in your kitchen pantry come in a glass jar. Give those glass jars a second life and turn them into canisters, vases, or organizers for items in your home or office. In addition, glass jars make great containers for left overs or layered lunches like salads. Use recycled canning or jelly jars for a country chic approach to drinking glasses.

Seed Collection – At the end of the growing season, go through the garden and collect seeds from flowers and vegetables for the next season. When you reclaim garden seeds from one season to the next, it saves you money and is an easy way to duplicate last year’s crop. Choose plants specific to your home’s growing region for best results.

Dryer Byproducts – The laundry room is full of opportunities to reuse what you would normally throw away, like dryer sheets and even lint. Used dryer sheets can be turned into cleaning cloths that work great on polishing chrome or removing soap scum from the shower.  Same thing goes for dryer lint. Highly flammable, dryer lint is a fast and effective way to light a campfire or log fireplace.

Cereal Bags – Those pesky cereal bags that are hard to open and never stay shut, actually can be quite handy once the cereal is gone. Wash, rinse, and cut cereal bags to any size. Repurposed cereal bags can be used for sandwich wrap, separating hamburger patties for freezing and even art projects.

Old Furniture – Old furniture is full of character, flaws, and charm. Before you toss it aside, consider the possibilities for mismatched pieces of furniture. With a little ingenuity, old furniture can become functional furnishings that will last for generations to come. If you’re not crafty, donate mismatched and broken furniture to second-hand shops where artists are always looking for their next reclaimed project.

The effort to reuse everyday items can become a daily habit with a little practice. Start small and build on your efforts each day. Before you know it, you’ll join the millions of Americans who understand and respect the choice to recycle and keep functional items from ending up in landfills.

Blue Moon Rising Resort is a shining example of how old items can be repurposed into beautiful things. Each tiny cabin is thoughtfully constructed from reclaimed materials with a modern-day flare. We invite you to experience the power of our environmentally sustainable community nestled in the mountains of Deep Creek Lake.

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