How To Achieve a Sustainable Wedding Day

This is the day you’ve planned since you were a child. But as an adult you also understand your responsibility as a citizen of the earth to make this day as special as possible with minimal impact to the environment. According to reports, the average wedding of 100-120 guests is responsible for 400-600 pounds of trash and waste from roughly a six-hour event. Imagine, your wedding day as the model exception to that statistic.

The wedding is as much about the event as it is about the nuptials. In fact, a recent wedding study says formal weddings are on the decline as couples explore alternatives to create a symbolic vibe as they begin a new life together. As couples explore barns, wineries, and woodland settings as a venue, the focus is on a memorable and hopefully life-changing experience. Of course, you want the wedding to be an event guests walk away from with a renewed hope and a bit wiser about sustainability.

Here are a few ways to achieve a sustainable wedding day:

The Attire – You’ve pictured the perfect wedding attire in your mind, now make it a reality. It isn’t necessary to sacrifice glamour to make you both look good and be sustainable at the same time! Most designers offer formalwear made of a natural fibers like silk, hemp and organic cotton, which go well with Victorian, Renaissance, or woodland wedding themes.

The Guest List – Start the wedding plan with who you REALLY want to be there. Keep in mind, the more people you invite, the more carbon emissions and waste you create. Skip the printed invitation and use online options like GreenVelope to create and distribute invitations. Use features like RSVP to track who will attend. Keep the guest list manageable and invite people who know you as a couple and respect your sustainable intensions.

The Venue – Skip the exotic destination and chose a venue easily accessible and close home. Your friends and family will appreciate the benefits and cost of a local venue versus one that creates added expense with airfare. A perfect venue will offer guest accommodations, along with amenities for families to share. For example, Blue Moon Rising Resort provides a woodland wedding setting along with thirteen cabins for your guests to stay. With built in transportation, the resort provides golf cart shuttle service for guests to and from their accommodations to the wedding venue and reception.

The Menu – Food is common to every celebration. Implement a local menu using vendors within a 100-mile radius of the venue. Consult with your sustainable caterer who can provide details on local food sources and farms. Go one step further and serve a vegetarian meal. You will significantly reduce your wedding carbon footprint and help local communities sustain economically. Don’t let any food go to waste. If there is food left over, donate to local food banks or shelters and ask the event venue for compost options. Make it all part of the contact.

The Entertainment – Of course you want your guests to have a wonderful time and remember the occasion for years to come. Start with social media and create a custom hashtag. Engage guests from the time you send the invitation to share selfies and snapshots from the wedding with the custom wedding hashtag. Further entertain guests with photo booths, wine and liquor tastings, acoustic performers, and activities for kids that are earth friendly and have a low-impact on the local setting.

A sustainable wedding is a great way to start a new life together. As you plan for the perfect wedding day, keep sustainability in mind. Simple eco-friendly choices can lead to large rewards for the marriage, the environment, and the lives you touch. Learn more about sustainable weddings with a wedding venue tour at Blue Moon Rising Resort. Contact us today for more information.

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