Travel Dog Excursion

It was clear something was up. Everyone in the house was bustling about and the car was being packed. When they said, “Come on, up you go,” I thought we were either going to the park (I love the park) or the place where the people wore the white lab coats (that one is not my favorite as they are always poking and prodding). I never would have thought we were going to go on a unique adventure.

I was wrong on both counts. We passed the dog park and then zipped past the turn for the vet’s office. I put my head down and decided to wait and see what was going to happen. Honestly, I did close my eyes but I felt like everything was under control since my family was in the car with me.
I awoke to the sound of the car door shutting. Wait a minute. I have never been here before. The smells! Oh boy, this would be fun, I quickly turned into a travel dog!

This Travel Dog Heads to The Mountains

As my family tumbled out of the car and opened the door to our new adventure, I was able to enjoy some of the grounds surrounding the cabin. There was so much to take in. It seems funny to say but the air smelled richer. There were definitely new places to explore and new friends to track down.

The cabin had a warm cozy feeling and I quickly found a great nook to curl up in. We all decided it was time to stretch our legs so the whole family went for a walk. Well, they called it a hike but no matter what it felt great to be outdoors. The trail seemed to go on forever. And boy was I ready to eat when we got back. After dinner, we started up a great campfire outside. I stood guard to make sure no new wildlife friends grabbed the marshmallows while the family sat around nibbling on snacks and telling stories. After the long hike and standing guard, I was ready for the time to retire to the cabin. I staked out my cozy nook and had one of the best night’s sleep in a while. I can’t wait to discover what happens tomorrow.

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