Repurposed Furniture Inspiration and Ideas

Are you aware of how much furniture is wasted annually? The EPA estimates almost ten million tons of furniture landfilled each year, and that number continues to rise. What if, instead of discarding our old furniture, we gave it new life again? Repurposed furniture is really rewarding, and easier than you think. 

If you are new to repurposing furniture, you can find inspiration on Pinterest for furniture repurpose and upcycle. Below are a few notable mentions that might spark some ideas for you!

Repurposed Furniture Inspiration

DIY Kitchen Dresser

An old, worn out dresser was given new life into a beautifully repurposed kitchen island. The repurposing of this furniture included sanding, a new paint job, new hardware, and the removal of drawers. We love this creative project. You would have never known it was an old dresser! 

Credit: The Owner Builder Network



Repurposed DresserThis old dresser was given a new, modern look after repurposing. It now has a use for a family living room rather than a bedroom. Save this pin so you don’t forget to read about the repurposing furniture process of this dresser. 

Credit: Ella Claire Inspired 




Flower PotThis flower pot was created by combining the legs of a table and a dresser drawer. It was given a vibrant paint job and brought to a new life. We love the uniqueness presented in this repurposed furniture! A design like this presented on your patio will give you lots of compliments from your guests!

Credit: The Junk Chick



Storage BenchA cheap, white bookshelf was repurposed into a storage bench. After sanding, painting, and adding wood, the repurposed furniture is now sturdy and useful for sitting and storage. We love this unique design!

Credit: My Repurposed Life




Those who love repurposing furniture find it fulfilling and enjoy bringing the furniture back to life. It is a fun way to hone in on your crafty side. If you like the idea of repurposed furniture, but don’t want to do the repurposing yourself, that’s okay! You can still make an impact of less landfill waste by donating your furniture to a second-hand shop. 

Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed this post, you might also enjoy: How to Repurpose, Reclaim, and Reuse Everyday Items. You can also read through our blog to learn other ways that Blue Moon Rising cares about sustainability

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